Creative Concept development for live multimedia installation for Jue Music + Art Festival 


Presentation of a special audiovisual act featuring sound and moving images by Marula and Irrecoverable. The event, hosted at The Nut, is part of the Jue Music + Art in Shanghai. 

As she took off in the old family car, Light is Magic, an old promo from General Motors came on the radio. She took it as a sign. 

-" It will only get worse"- she knew. She had come to terms with it. So like light, she travelled in straight lines around the globe.

She was a nomad. Her ancestors had lived in the cold ad the dark for generations, but this wandering soul made her kingdom where she pleased. Never satisfied, she set her sights on bigger remoter cities seeking light.

Recently her destiny brought her here. She'll not stop for long. 

She says there is nothing like dancing beneath a light, moulding shadows with contortions, feeling the pulses, exorcising the darkness out of sight. The power absorbed by the warmth of a bulb, the coldness of a neon light.

Underneath, she is just like you.